If you come across the abbreviation CMC following a consultant’s name, it means that he or she is a Certified Management Consultant and has met strict certification requirements of the Institute of Management Consultants in his or her country. The abbreviation means the consultant has met standards of competence, ethics and independence of world class and has equal recognition in all organizations in fifty countries of the world.

What are these standards?

They put the following requirements to the consultants:

  • Experience: the consultant should have three years experience in management consulting
  • Education: recognized degree or professional qualification or diploma on management- consulting
  • Practice: the consultant should demonstrate that implemented 1200 working hours in the field of consulting in the last three years, which means that management consulting is a significant part of his/her activity. This can include consulting projects, selling/marketing, management and / or activity supporting consulting, development of materials and conducting trainings on consultancy, publishing and presentations in conferences on consulting
  • Membership in the Institute of Management Consultants. The consultant should be a member of IMC and can also be the owner or an employee of the organization, performing independent consulting projects or internal consultant of a company working on the principles of independence.

Certification Process

  • Exams: written exams or structured interviews to test knowledge of the code of professional conduct and common knowledge
  • Letters of recommendation: the consultant should provide two recommendation letters from certified consultants on management
  • Clients’ feedback: written descriptions of five assignments and five client references verified through interviews with clients by the examinees


All CMCs provide statements in writing to follow the code of professional conduct of the consultant. This code signifies voluntary acceptance of the principle of self-discipline and absolute fulfillment of laws.


Requirements for CMC candidates

A consultant may put his/her candidacy for this certification process, who has experience in the area of ​​management consulting for at least 3 years and an annual volume of such works for at least 1200 hours.

The level of knowledge and competence of the applicant should comply with the requirements of the IMC Code of Ethics.