I, as a representative of the high moral consultant’s profession, vow to follow the following principles in my professional activity:

With respect to the client

  1. Provide services to the client on the principles of integrity, competence, independence, objectivity and professionalism.
  2. Establish realistic expectations about the results of my services from the very beginning of my cooperation with the client.
  3. Accept for execution and involve other colleagues to address those problems for which, I believe that my colleagues and I have the necessary experience and expertise to ensure the effectiveness of service delivery.
  4.  Before making a commitment with the client, to ensure a mutual understanding with the client about the goals and objectives of the project in question and the level of payment.
  5. Treat respectively with confidential information of the client that is not publicly known, and take reasonable steps to restrict access to unauthorized persons, and not use the information as the client’s property for own purposes or another client’s purposes, as well as for purposes of the client organization without permission of the client organization.
  6. Avoid even the possibility of a conflict of interests with the client and promptly inform the client about the circumstances or interests that I believe may influence my judgment or objectivity of the project.
  7. Offer termination of agreements on tasks, if I believe my objectivity or independence may be in doubt.
  8. Refrain from offering a work for an employee of the client organization during implementation of the project without the prior consent of the client.

For commercial integrity

9. Agree with the client about the level of payment and project costs in advance and the level of rates should commensurate with the service and responsibilities undertaken.
10. Do not accept payment or any other form of compensation from a third person that may be associated with my recommendations to the client without the client’s consent, and inform the client of own financial interests, in the form of goods or services, which may relate to the results of my recommendations .

In relation to society and the profession

11. When discovering during the performance of professional duties, official crime or other illegal activities report them to the client, respect the rights of professional colleagues and consulting firms and not use their information or methodology property without their permission.
12. Respect the rights of professional colleagues and consulting companies and not use their information without permission.
13. In good faith, with professionalism present the profession of the consultant in my relationships with clients, colleagues and community.
14. Promote / advertise own services in a clear manner, not misleading and do not represent other consultants, consulting companies or consultant’s profession in defamatory manner.
15. Report to the IMC of violations and the commitment of other consultants.

Approved by the Board, January 14, 2010.


The purpose of this Code is to introduce the concept of professional ethics in practice of counseling, their propaganda and their enforcement by members of the Institute in the conduct of their professional activities or building relationships with colleagues in the profession and in society.
The practice of professional ethics is important in the interests of client organizations and the formation of proper level of confidence in the profession of consultants.
Each full member of the IMC reaffirms in writing their commitment to the principles of the Code and shall strictly abide to it.
Entry into the IMC and certification involves the separation of the principles of the Code.
In case of violation of the Code, a full member of the Institute shall be subject to the application of the disciplinary measures according to the resolution of the Committee on Ethics and IMC Professional Standards. The procedures of work of the Committee on Ethics and Professional Standards are presented in the relevant document adopted by the Board of IMC.