IMC through its membership, provides the following services:

For experts and consultants:

  • Workshops, seminars, conferences with participation of international experts in the field of management consulting;
  • Trainings on ethics and core skills in consulting;
  • Ability to complete the international certification;
  • Participation in international competitions on management consulting;
  • Protection of common interests and the rights of consultants;
  • Fundraising and participation in joint consulting projects;
  • Information platform for colleagues to discuss current issues and case studies, consulting;
  • Promotion of consultants-members of IMC.

For donors:

It takes long time for International organizations, state agencies, businesses, NGOs, the media to check the professionalism and decency of consultants. Many consultants are ready to work on any projects even if these projects are not within their competence. As a result, they fail their work and customers appear to have negative impressions about capacity of local consultants, moreover, they cannot apply any organization with their complaints.

We completely change this situation.

IMC serves as a buffer between the client and the consultant. Membership in IMC confirms the high professional and ethical status of a consultant.

Our brand is important.

Selection of consultants in the IMC is carried out according to the Code of Ethics and the Status of membership. If our clients are dissatisfied with the work of an IMC member, every claim is considered by the Ethics Committee, which may impose appropriate sanctions in respect of a given IMC member, and even withdraw from the professional association with further inclusion to the so-called “black list”.

Since 2010 IMC is a member of the International Council of Management Consultants Institutions http://www.http:/

There are four international consultants in IMC (Certified Management Consultants), in 2013 their number will reach fourteen and in 2014 IMC Kyrgyzstan will be entitled to certify consultants from Central Asia.

One of the key principles of IMC is transparency.

All statutes, information about its members, online certification materials are available on our website:

Each year, the IMC Audit Commission conducts financial audits. The results are also available in the website.

For the public sector:

We have special relationship with state authorities. We understand the importance of effective public policy and governance. The prosperity of Kyrgyzstan and individual organizations in particular depends on its quality.

We provide consultations to senior management of government agencies of the Kyrgyz Republic on modernizing and improving the efficiency of public policy and management, including:

  • Comprehensive diagnostics of a state agency, functional analysis;
  • Design and implementation of new solutions;
  • Impact assessment of laws;
  • Research and analysis;
  • Implementation of electronic document management;
  • Development of draft legal acts;
  • Development of technical and economic tasks for public procurement;
  • Development of long-term, medium-term strategies for state enterprises;
  • Macroeconomic analysis and modeling;
  • Monitoring and evaluation;
  • Communication with the public;

For business:

Not all business companies are aware why they need consultants. Every manager thinks that he/she is competent in many areas and it is not always true. Managers begin to engage new staff with necessary expertise, suggest higher fees for their services, but then the staff extends that there appears a need in reducing operational costs.

How to solve this kind of problems?

–          To hire management consultants.

A professional consultant has extensive practical experience and theoretical knowledge in a particular area and there is no need to keep him/her in the staff. Based on their work, consultants have faced many management issues before and on the basis of these cases, as well as their expert knowledge, they will be able to help to find effective management solutions.

He is like a doctor sets precise diagnosis for your company and based on the diagnosis, will prescribe treatment, adjustment in the process of treatment and control of the outcome.

The work of a professional consultant is not cheap…

But …,

When you know that one consultant may replace a whole department, you will realize that hiring a consultant is the best solution.

For start-ups (Start Up):

  • Strategic, operational, marketing, financial and human resource consulting;
  • Trainings, seminars, workshops;
  • Development of business and investment plans;
  • Consulting in the field of licensed activities and work with government agencies;
  • Industry Consulting and Outsourcing;
  • Fundraising;
  • Research, analysis, monitoring and evaluation.

For the advanced business:

  • Integrated diagnostics of organization management;
  • Optimization of business processes and introduction of electronic document management;
  • International trade and export consulting;
  • Certification ISO;
  • Due Diligence, preparation for the purchase, sale, merging of companies;
  • IPO.

For non-profit organizations:

  • Assist in the development of project concepts;
  • Basics of project management;
  • Development of project design, grant applications;
  • Project Management in the consortium;
  • Monitoring and evaluation of projects;
  • Educational seminars, trainings and workshops;
  • Financial management of NGOs.

For the media:

Another IMC target group is the media.

We present a pool of experts on a wide range of issues. It often happens that the media requires an expert opinion on certain topics and issues.

IMC will provide with the consultant on every specific field to cover the expert opinion in the media.

We also offer interesting content for your publications in the form of researches and analysis on current issues in the management of the organization and ways to solve them on the basis of case studies.