About Us

Institute of Management Consultants (IMC) – founded in 2009 as a public, scientific association of professional management consultants.

We combine more than 30 expert consultants from Central Asia who completed more than 300 consulting projects over the last 10 years.

IMC members are interested in the enhancing the image of the profession “management consultanе, each of them shall contribute to the achievement of its objectives set out in the Charter:

  • Creating the necessary conditions for the professional management consultants and organizational development in Kyrgyzstan;
  • Organization and certification of consultants from Central Asia to meet the requirements and criteria set by «ICMCI».
  • Facilitating the establishment of professional criteria and framework management consultants, promoting the formation of civilized norms and rules of consulting activities;
  • Assistance in professional development, exchange of information and experiences, strengthening the professional and other contacts between management consultants and organizational development of Kyrgyzstan and other countries, the development of international contacts in the field of management consulting.

The mission of IMC:

Our association promotes the integrated development of the Kyrgyz Republic through increased professionalism of Management Consultants and as a development consulting industry.

We are open to working closely with colleagues from neighboring countries, because we see the development of the country in the context of the entire Central Asian region.

On a regular basis the number of our members updated with new experts, and here’s what we suggest:

For experts and consultants

For donors

For the public sector

For Business

For start-ups (Start Up)

For the advanced business

For non-profit organizations

For the media

At the end of

We are actively involved in social and political life of Kyrgyzstan through business associations and expert circles, share ideas, opinions, defend the interests of our members, partners and businesses.

Thanks to the members of the IMC and our partners, in front of big plans aimed at the promotion of the management consulting industry in Kyrgyzstan as it projects such as: “Annual Award in Management”, “School of Counsultants”, “IMC knews» and others.


Public association “Institute of Management Consultants”

The Kyrgyz Republic,

720040, Bishkek

Str. Tynystanov on 197, 5th floor

Tel. / Fax: +996 312 66 19 82




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